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Homicides have dropped significantly in the Mexican state of Chihuahua since the peak of the drug war in 2010.

But children witnessed that violence on their way to the port each day, passing three severed heads in the placita or their uncle fatally shot in his pickup truck.

The school expanded the technology further in January, holding individual 10-minute parent-teacher conferences via Skype.

Educators filled more than 80 parents in on their students’ behavior, progress, homework and more.

He estimated in 2012 that 40 percent of drug smugglers are children.

Some are as young as 14, carrying the load in their backpacks during the morning crossing.

Those with a passport card get in an expedited line. Sometimes the officer flips through a book or asks a student to unzip a puffy jacket.

Anahi Martinez, 7, gives her mother Amanda Martinez a kiss goodbye under the Columbus Port of Entry canopy before entering the building to cross into the United States for school. citizens, born in the nearest hospital in Deming, N. There are no meet-the-teacher nights for these moms and dads. No career days or visits to the principal’s office. To bridge the border and connect with parents, Columbus Elementary School staff are turning to 21st century technologies like Skype.

— The sun hasn’t yet risen when the first children arrive.

The families walk through the opening in the wall, running indefinitely in either direction, and up to a small patio and the Columbus Port of Entry.

“They saw so much when the cartels were just at their max,” Sanchez said. Kids start to see it as normal.” As the violence ebbs, marijuana continues to flow through the Columbus port.

“We really have not seen a decrease in smuggling,” Reza said.

Some lost parents or had their homes hit with grenades when they were away.

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