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03-Sep-2017 00:18

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This is an entire chapter in our book Size Doesn’t Matter, that you don’t believe; observe.

Above all, women date guys they find attractive and sometimes that means a brash, edgy, cocky bad boy.

Pick-up Lines Like it or not, most of us expect the man to make the first move when it comes to the dating game.

To boost your confidence and send the first spark out with a bang, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to pick-up lines to turn your first glance into something special.

Of course, no woman is going to actually give that advice to friends and family.

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I’m sure you’ve received a lot of similar advice, a lot of it equally bland, inoffensive, and, quite frankly, wrong.This is a sure way to get put in the “friend zone.” I’m not advocating for being a jerk or rude. But, the best tip I can give is to “be attractive.” You might think I’m telling you to be “genetically superior” since you likely associate attractiveness with things like tall height, a great face, and a svelte body.While these are all pluses in attraction, you don’t have to be an Adonis to get a date.If you like a girl or several girls, watch their actions.

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Look at their typical boyfriends or the guys they say they want to date. But, don’t be a squishy, nice, passive guy who bores women to tears. If you met a 90 year old, ugly woman who was very sweet and nice to you, it wouldn’t mean you’d date her.Evolution made women desire powerful, confident providers and protectors.

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